Our Project

Our project seeks to train 12-13 year-old students from Dolpo as doctors in their own medical tradition by providing a 5-year school for Tibetan Buddhist Medicine. We will train two children from each of 7 mountain village so that when their studies are finished, each of these communities will have healthcare and remain self-sufficient.

Dolpo Needs Our Support

The Dho-Tarap Valley in the district of Dolpo, is one of the most remote places in all of the Nepali Himalayas and all the world. Due to its remote nature, there are no hospitals and there is an extreme lack of healthcare for the local inhabitants. Most people suffer from preventable diseases, mother/infant mortality rates are very high, and life expectancy is less than 50 years old for both men and women.

Dolpo lies on the border of Tibet and is a place where Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture have thrived since the 8th century.

The Dolpopas have lived as pastoralists and nomads in the high Himalayas for hundreds of years and have remained self-sufficient in providing healthcare using the traditional healing art of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine. Due to a lack of training for doctors of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine, illness and disease have begun to spiral out of control in this once prosperous region in the Land of Snows.

Your Kind Donation Will:

  • Sponsor each child’s room, board, food and tuition at the Dolpo School of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine for 5 years
  • Hire the best instructors of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and support staff to train the young students throughout the 5-year program in 1) Classical Tibetan 2) Tibetan Buddhist Medicine 3) First-aid and emergency medicine
  • Ensure that Dolpo, a region the size of Rhode Island has access to affordable and effective health care for generations to come
  • Preserve the medical teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine so that they may benefit the people of Nepal here and now and in the future bring benefit to the Western world